Free Range Beats logo from our launch in 2009

About the label

Free Range Beats is an independent record label that was founded as a home for experimental music during April of 2009 in Austin, TX.  We have since expanded from local acts to include a worldwide roster of artists from a wide variety of genres and musical styles.

Our mission is to spread various forms of electronic, rock, ambient, noise and avant-garde music. Rather than restricting ourselves to a sub-genre or even a genre, we have been open to all projects, styles and concepts. As a small label we are able to give a platform to musicians and styles that might go unnoticed otherwise.

We like all music but especially that is left field, off kilter, slightly out of tune, and just plain weird. Composing is good, improvisation is good. There is no such thing as bad music, just music. We like to find people who DIY til the day they die. Outsiders are welcome here.

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